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Ceramic Tube Panoramic Portable X-Ray Generator XXGH(A)2005

Flat/Cone Target Ceramic Tube Panoramic Portable X-Ray Generator is designed according to the principle of low cost and high reliability,which has characteristics in convenient to carry,easy to operate,and high automation.X- ray tube and HT coil and other accessories are all produced by us DNDT,which can guarantees system consistency and keep this unit have a longer service life.
Weight is further reduced by using SF6insulation and forced cooling fan,prolongs X-ray Tube life,makes this unit suitable for construction site,field work and high above the ground work.
Control unit is designed with Microprocessor Control and Frequency Conversion Technique,with functions of Fully- automatic Aging Program,Failure Display,Over-voltage Protection and Mis-start Protection,the stability and service life are much improved.

Delivery Scope
1、X-Ray Generator  1 
2、Control Unit  1 
3、LowVoltageCable9-Cores 25m 
4、PowerSupplyCable3-Cores 10m 
5、Warning Lamp&Cable 2-Cores 5m 
6、Ground Wire 5m 
7、Fusetube20Ax5pcs2Ax5pcs.  1 
8、 Film Cassettes(with002-004mmLead Intensify Screen) 5
9、Lead Markers  1
10、IQI  2 
11、Accessory Bag  1 
12、Center Indicator  1

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