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D.SeeMH SAW Pipe/SS Tube RTR System

1435 Standard roller Space improved loading stability electronic brake improved feeding- cart stability
With spare parts standard production, uniformity.
Standard cart can suitable for different pipes diameter range
Optional Configuration: diameter adjustment-free rollers Flat- -panel

System Configuration
1.X-ray Machine: XYG ( high frequency )160- -320 kV
2.lmaging Unit: FPD /I.I.F
3.Computer Real-time imaging Processing System:
Space resolution: 2.0-2.6Ip/mm (Analog)
3.0Ip/mm (Digital)
Real time static sensitivity: 3.0% (IIF)
Real time static sensitivity: 2.0- -2.6%(FPD)
Sensitivity after processing: 1.5 -2.0% (IF)
Sensitivity after processing: 1.0-1.5%(FPD)
4.Mechanical Unit
4.1 Pipe Cart: Moving up and down to
load pipes.
4.2 X-ray Tube&FPD/I.I.F Holder
4.3 Defects Marking Device: Replacing the former painting marker, better Veracity
5.Electrical Unit
5.1 Main Console
5.2 Sub Console
6. Monitoring Unit
7.Protection Room

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