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D.SeeLT Model Industrial X-Ray Tyre Inspection Radiography System

Industrial X-ray Tyre Inspection Radiography System is designed for domestic tyre manufacturing enterprises, by using digital imaging system can clearly show tyre cord spacing irregular, tire body radial deformation, joint open, obliquity and other intemal flaws, can derectly give a estimate of tyre internal quality by computer, and ensure the tyre trustworthiness.

Inspected Tyre Parameter
Inner Diameter:13*-26"(330mm- 660mm)
Outer Diameter:495mm-1372mm
Tyre Width: 1 50mm- 508mm
Tyre Weight: Max about 100kg

CLG-D Steel Wheel RTR System
Apply range: Butt welding inspection
Rim diameter: 13-26"
Wall thickness: 3-13mm
Rotating device: 0-2 rotation/min adjustable
Space resolution: >3.0Ip/mm
Real time static sensitivity: 3.0%
Sensitivity after processing: 1.6-2.0%
X-ray machine: XYG (high frequency)-160/225/320/350 optional
Radiography unit: FPD/Image intensifier
Welding line automatic positooring system

CSC Brake Rotor/Drum RTR System
Testing object: Diameter≤φ500mm
Testing way: Manually loading
Testing speed: 45s/piece (中400mm)
X-ray source: XYG320(40kHz)
Imaging unit: FPD/9"(Model CZ9A)

CNH Heat-Resistance Material RTR
Testing object: Diameter≤50-φ500mm
Material: Zirconia
Testing way: Manually loading
Testing speed: 75s/piece(φ1600mm)
X-ray source: XYG320/350/420/450(40kH2)
Imaging unit: FPD/9"(Model CZ9A)

CDZ- A Air Pump/Steel Bottle RTR
Testing object: Diameterφ260- 480mm
Length 300- 600mm
Testing way: Manually loading/online
Testing speed: 40s/piece (φ350mm)
X-ray source: XYG160/225 (40kH2)
Imaging unit: FPD/6" (ModelCZ6A)/9"(Model CZ9A)

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