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D.SeeLG-160-C Aluminium Wheel Hub(Single Piece)RTR System

Compare with traditional X-ray system,in virtue of applying with HF unify X-ray source which integrates HV converter,filament power,X-ray tube and heat processor into one unit,this system provides higher reliability,more precision characteristics
With Cart and rotation institution,can moves ahead-back and up- down.
With Al material's X-ray source and radiography unit supporting institution.

Testing Object
Material:Mg alloy,Al alloy.Ti alloy Diameter:12-30inch Rim Height:4-15inch
Casting Method: low-pressure casting. gravity casting

Max penetration:110mm(Al) 
Space resolution:24-28lp/mm 
Static sensitivity:2.5%-3.5%IIF 2.0%-2.5%FPD
Sensitivity after processing:2.0-2.5%IIF 1.0-1.5%FPD
Inspection Speed(18inches):60s/set 
Protection Room:2m x 2m x 2.2m

China JB4730-2005AB 
USA ASTM E155-2005

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