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D.SeeHG Small Diameter (boiler) Butt Welded Pipe Girth Weld RTR System

Dynamic noise detection technology, more efficient detection
Static automatic noise reduction technology, convenient operation
Welding Steam marking
Flat- -panel Detector
Built-in rotation mechanism, debugging-free installation

24 hours continuously working
System resolution:30LP/cm
This system is specified for the inspection of Small diameter (boiler) butt welded pipe girth weld .It is mainly composed by X-ray Machine, Dgital Radiograhpy Unit, image processing&storage unit mechanism unit, electirc unit and Protection Room and Monitor unit.

System Parameter
Testing Pipe diameter. 20-80mm ( CHG-G225/320P-A)/ 54-104mm(CHG-G225/320P-B)
Pipe thickness: 3-13mm
Rotating speed: 1-6 rotation/min adjustable
Swing angle device: X-ray tube and Flat: panel detector can do inclination movement relative to welded pipe.
X-ray generator holder: X-ray generator can it up and down, it distance ±150mm
Space resolution: >3.0Ip/mm
Real time static sensitivity:2.0-2.8%
Sensitivity after processing: 1.0-1.5%
X-ray machine: XYG (high frequency)-160/225/320/350 optional
Radiography unit Flat panel detector

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